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Hats, Etc. has gone Pinterest!

Beutifully Crocheted Wearables

Due to the ease and availability of Pinterest, I have decided I will "list" my items there! Unlike the basic website, purchases cannot be made from Pinterest, but whereas I have to get information from you ANYway, and truth be told, there aren't too terribly many purchases directly THROUGH just the website... I think this will work! Happy Pinteresting!!



As always, you can reach me by email at tlgard27@gmail.com.

You may also text me at 208-243-4474. This is my cell phone, however, my Significant Other works nights, sleeps during the day and iPhone has a lovely little switch that turns everything off! .... which means it may be a while before I see the text if the phone isn't right next to me.....

You can also reach me via Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/hatsetcetera/



Hats, Etc. Calendar

In an effort to keep on top of orders, to keep customers on top of when to expect their order, I have implemented a work calendar!

My work week is Monday to Friday, with a limit of 9 orders due to ship each Saturday. If my calendar is empty, orders placed Sunday - Tuesday will be shipped that same Saturday. Wednesday - Saturday will be listed on the calendar for the following Saturday. If you have questions, please email me at tlgard27@gmail.com.


Hats, Etc. Calendar


Expedited (XPED) Order

If you would like to receive your order immediately, please email me FIRST at tlgard27@gmail.com. XPED orders ship within 48 hours and cost an additional $15.


Expedite my Order!

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